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On Sidecar's blog, we focus on untold stories, new ideas, cutting edge technology and lessons learned from the association industry and beyond.

Featured Blogs

Navigating the AI Landscape: A Starter Kit for Associations

Dive into the world of AI with our beginner's guide for associations. Discover how AI can transform community engagement, streamline operations, and even improve your morning routine. Whether you're new to AI or looking to deepen your knowledge, this blog is your roadmap to integrating smart, innovative solutions into your association's strategy.

How Associations Can Use Owned Data and AI To Drive Membership And Growth

Associations can benefit greatly from owning, unifying, and enriching their data. Find out how they can do this using common data platforms and artificial intelligence.

[Sidecar Sync Podcast Episode 16]: An Interview with Sharon Gai

In this episode of Sidecar Sync, host Mallory explores the intersection of AI, e-commerce, and human connection with Sharon Gai, a renowned expert in culture fluidity, e-commerce, AI, and digital transformation. The conversation delves into how AI is shaping e-commerce through personalization, the importance of reskilling for the AI era, and the delicate balance between […]

Generative AI and Trust: Steering Associations Towards Ethical Innovation

Explore the balance between harnessing generative AI's potential and safeguarding member privacy in associations. Learn about creating ethical AI guidelines and policies, the importance of data protection, and investing in staff education to navigate AI's unique challenges responsibly.

[Sidecar Sync Podcast Episode 15]: Neuralink and Elon Musk, Generative AI and Privacy Risks, and NYC Local Law 144

In Episode 15 of Sidecar Sync, Amith and Mallory , delve into Neuralink's brain chip implantation, generative AI's privacy risks, and New York City's Local Law 144 on AI in hiring. Discussions focus on the potential and challenges of these developments in artificial intelligence, with insights on their implications for associations and nonprofits. Let us […]

Top 6 AI Guidelines For Associations To Follow

As associations increasingly integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their operations, it becomes crucial to establish guidelines that ensure responsible, smart, and ethical use. Use these guidelines to accomplish this goal.

The Future of Work in Associations: Embracing AI and Redefining Roles

In this blog post, Sidecar dives into the challenges and opportunities AI presents, from job security concerns to organizational restructuring. Discover strategies for leaders and HR to manage transitions, foster a growth mindset, and leverage AI for innovation and efficiency.

The Ultimate AI Toolkit for Associations

From marketing to human resources, AI has the power to transform your organization. Try out the following tools to experiment with automating processes, onboarding AI assistants, and increasing creativity.

[Sidecar Sync Podcast Episode 14]: Marketing and AI with Greg Kihlström

In this episode, Amith and Mallory interview Greg Kihlström, exploring AI's impact on marketing. Delve into strategies to overcome technology-related fears, understand effective AI applications beyond mere content generation, and examine the ethical considerations in AI use. . This episode offers a compelling discussion on responsibly embracing AI innovations in the association and nonprofit sectors. […]

6 Questions Association Leaders Can Ask AI to Improve Operations

For association leaders to correctly harness the power of AI, they must ask the right questions and understand how this technology can provide answers and solutions.

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